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The Power of Beauty

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How Beauty Operates in Work, Adventures, Relationships and Creating the Future

What is beauty, and why does it matter? Beauty is much more than a matter of aesthetics and goes far beyond an outward quality. It is an essential longing in the hearts of human beings and fundamental to what it means to be human.

Drawing on examples from history, philosophy, engineering, art, science, music and literature, this interactive workshop will give you a deeper understanding of how beauty shapes the world around you, and how you can be enriched by pursuing it in your everyday life. In this workshop, we’ll combine theory and hands-on exercises to:

Explore how we got here – the key historic and contemporary ideas of beauty and how these ideas have moved cultures

  • Learn how certain concepts of beauty formed the foundations of our everyday experience
  • Develop a functional definition of beauty
  • Investigate ways to create and use beauty in work, at play and in relationships
  • Look at the relationship of beauty to simplicity, meaning, purpose and virtue
  • Examine how pursuing beauty connects people at a communal and societal level

Like all Good Story Workshops, this session is high-energy and interactive. You’ll gain powerful tools that you can use right away:

  • A greater understanding of where and how beauty is impacting your daily life
  • Practical ideas for new ways to create and pursue beauty at work, in relationships and in your community
  • Simple exercises and resources to help you expand your own practice of beauty

This workshop is led by Angela Houk, Director of New Joy Arts and an instructor in the Studio at Crocker Art Museum.

100% of your registration fee goes to Twin Lakes Food Bank.

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